Kiran over 2 years ago

" Truly very satisfied. My journey from Delhi with Ashok Travels Mandsaur Group was too good. Although, it was a long journey I enjoyed it. Nice amenities and a luxurious bus! I couldn't wish for a better bus. I chose the single berth which was cozy. The drivers were very humble and they took good care to make our journey smooth. No sudden breaks/rash driving. I wasn't much tired after taking up such a long journey. Nice journey and great service. "

Raufal Khan over 2 years ago

" I was traveling with the Ashok Travels Mandsaur Group from Ahmedabad to Ajmer with my 1-year-old daughter. The staff was very helpful and showed special attention to the well-being of my toddler. I would like to thank the Ashok Travels Mandsaur Group for their courteous attitude. "

Anurag over 2 years ago

" I traveled with Ashok Travels Mandsaur Group a couple of days back. I was in a rush as my dad was feeling unwell and had to reach the hospital which was 6 hours away as soon as I could. I booked a seat with Ashok Travels Mandsaur Group and to my surprise, they helped me reach before the time of arrival. "

Sarvesh over 2 years ago

" I recently traveled from Bhilwara to Jaipur with Ashok Travels Mandsaur Group. It was a sleeper bus and I felt the bus was very comfortable and the staff was very friendly and co-operative. Great going Ashok Travels Mandsaur Group keep it up. "

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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